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Diet or Mindful Eating?

How Will You Handle Your Holiday Diet?

The perfect diet is being fully aware of your motivations and your intentions, being in the moment, and feeding yourself nourishing sustaining food. Being aware is the key. Awareness helps us take better care of ourselves. You must pay attention to your surroundings and your triggers, and ultimately pay attention to what is best for your mind and your body. Do you want to be on a “diet” without understanding how you may silently work against it in your own subconscious?

We are stuck in the past or we focus too much on the future. Our Sirona Therapy programs support making better choices for ourselves today. Together we can focus on what is happening right here and now and take charge to strengthen the adaptive coping skills that work, and throw away the rest. We all have the power to change our current experience with food. Offering practical solutions proven to work, you will begin to learn strategies to nourish and feed your body successfully. All Sirona Therapy Mindfulness programs will assist with deliberately paying attention, with supportive staff who know what you’re going through. We’ve been there! We can successfully assist you to combat self judgement. As a result, you will tune in to the supporting inner voice, and make the right choice for yourself. The end result is increased happiness!

What are your motivations to lose weight? It just seems like the thing to do these days. Weight is a major issue in how you judge yourself. Your main goal is to understand yourself. What are your realistic weight goals? Weight obsession and chronic yo-yo dieting causes suffering. We constantly reject ourselves for who we are. Eating is a social behavior with deep emotional roots. Early in our lives food and love are intertwined. Women as a whole don’t perceive their bodies accurately, causing the negative vicious cycle diet industry treadmill, which undermines self-love and self-esteem. I am always referring to these issues, in my support groups and treatments, to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Forget the fad, celebrity, and just plain cuckoo diet schemes! It needs to be a sensible way of life. Pay attention to how you feel after eating a certain food. I know personally I feel a big difference after I eat a muffin versus a spinach salad with grilled chicken.

The diet industry won’t help you to know yourself, and what works best for you. They would rather keep you unaware of yourself, and sell you the latest fat burning “super-food” or “guaranteed” weight loss system. The real solution is simple; Eat Less and Move More. But we typically don’t do that, because our minds are not in the game properly. We get into a cycle of obsessiveness or just plain giving up. Would you like to have a better relationship with food?

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