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Eating Disorder-Simple Ways To Get Through The Holidays

What You Can do at Home to Help with Eating Disorders During The Holidays

How many of you know somebody with an eating disorder? Holidays combined with an eating disordered individual can signal disaster. We all know holidays can be hard with food and family. Try not to make mealtime a battleground. If you are the family member of the individual suffering, accept that you are not the expert, and seek help from a specialist in your community. Be honest if you have minimized the need for treatment if you have the eating disorder. Loosen up the control at home for awhile. It’s probably not helping. Help your loved one take appropriate responsibility for themselves. Be supportive always. Tell them how bad you feel when they only focus on food and weight.

Family’s Role in Helping with Eating Disorders

The family plays a critical role in helping the person afflicted  in helping them get better? says Jennifer L. Zauner, LCSWR Eating Disorder Specialist at Sirona Therapy. Jennifer is a leading advocate in educating and raising awareness in Westchester County, NY to help people get the right treatment and support for eating disorders. Here Jennifer provides several tips for the family and the individual struggling.

The holidays can be a very special beautiful time. People can find the holidays especially difficult because it’s food centric. Find other things and people to occupy your energy. Play a game. Go help someone who needs you. Build new non food centric creative traditions around the holiday. Make them special and unique to you and your loved ones. Make time to reconnect with friends and loved ones that you have not seen in awhile. Pick activities that will encourage new relationships. Go give yourself a timeout and take a break from the stress. Be mindful that you are purposefully creating new experiences that take food out of the equation. These tough moments you face are temporary, like clouds moving through the sky; it will change soon if you can distract yourself. Check in with yourself how you are feeling as you are taking care of yourself. All these tricks will help you get through charged moments more easily. You must not at any cost abuse the self through food. With insight and proper treatment you can overcome your eating disorder through time.

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