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Tis the Season to Think Positive

Holidays can bring about a slew of negative feelings for someone dealing with an eating disorder. There’s the added pressure of seeing  family members while dealing with wrapping your head around handling the endless buffets. That’s a lot to handle and it’s hard to stay on the right path. Jennifer L. Zauner, LCSWR, a leading expert on eating disorders and the creator of Sirona Therapy in Westchester County, NY tells us from a support meeting how we can all remain positive during the festive season. Her insights into recovery are amazing and will change the way you think about your self-care.

Q: During the holiday season, how can I stay on track and not lose all the benefits of outpatient treatment while at home?

J: Outpatient treatment can keep you on track during the holidays by helping you understand the motivation behind the self-harmful behaviors that took over your life. Remaining in therapy can help you deal with the difficult moments and give you more resilience to tackle the tough times. Remember, an eating disorder isn’t a choice. It’s an all-consuming and hard journey.


Q: What if I feel like I’m slipping up?

J: You must find the courage to ask for help. You can emerge stronger and healthier with correct treatment. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. The holidays can be a positive time if you keep your thoughts upbeat. You can train your mind to think differently with consistent cognitive therapy.


Q: Can thinking positively really work?

J: Yes! Create sources of satisfaction and pleasure and joy.  Build  a repertoire with life’s relationships and life’s joys. Repeat the actions that support your life goals. You own your own thoughts,  feelings,  hungers and through therapy, you’ll be able to accept and identify that your feelings are okay. Stay with the feelings. Everything has a beginning, a middle  and an end.  Unpleasant thoughts can subside.


Q: Do you have any other tips for dealing with the holiday pressures?

J: Remember to set boundaries and establish self-care during the holidays.  Physical care is about your health and well-being, not just about gaining or losing weight. Move from the easy, safe, comfortable, to the hard, scary, and somewhat uncomfortable( with good support), so that change, progress and opportunity can exist. You can be supported in good therapy and start to change the way you’re thinking today.

If you’re dealing with an eating disorder and don’t have anyone to reach out to, consider contacting Sirona Therapy.  It’s hard to do it alone and we are here to help!

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    It is wonderful to know there are Centers and practices devoted to helping people who struggle with Eating Disordets …

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