We Proudly Provide Online Psychotherapeutic Counseling Services

for Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, & More

eTherapy* is a convenient form of support for people with stressful life issues. While eTherapy, or online therapy, is not the in-depth psychotherapy one would receive in person, it is highly personal for the client and akin to coaching. The focus? To address common pressures, such as feelings of being overwhelmed with the daily condition, as well as negotiating through unexpected challenges of sudden distress, and ultimately provides solutions for the client to achieve self-mastery.


While Sirona Therapy eTherapy Programs provide much guidance and relief from many mental stressors, this service is not sufficient in treating those clients who suffer from severe psychological disorders.


Online-based support offers many advantages for the client: the privacy of choosing your own location, scheduling convenience, 24-hour access, and optional tiers of support.


Our online-based programs allow us to serve those who live too far away from our Westchester County, NY offices. Anyone in the world can now benefit from access to the exceptional therapists at Sirona Therapy. And while online-based support cannot replace intensive in-person psychotherapy, it is a superb vehicle to deliver speedy expert guidance and reassurance.


Sirona Therapy’s eTherapy programs employ carefully chosen psychology

students and life coaches who are aligned with our mission.


A licensed professional therapist supervises all correspondence.


The Tier Structure is as Follows:


Tier 1: Encrypted Messaging | $25 Mo.

  • Message as often as needed. Response within 24Hrs.
  • Skype Chat (Must install the app and create account).
  • Wickr for complete privacy (Must install the app and create account).


Tier 2: Encrypted Audio Only Chat | $20 Wk., billed monthly.

  • One session per week for 45 minutes.
  • Skype Call only.


Tier 3: Encrypted Video Chat | $30 Wk., billed monthly.

  • One session per week for 45 minutes.
  • Skype Video Call only.


Sirona Therapy has chosen to use Skype and Wickr for all eTherapy. They provide world wide acceptance, and government grade encryption.



* For Entertainment Purposes Only. This is not traditional in-depth Psychotherapy.