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Depression Therapy & Treatment


As a leading Psychotherapy practice for Fairfield County Psychotherapy residents, we understand how severe depression can be. Whether you’re dealing with minor depression or your symptoms are more intense, you’re not alone. Just in the United States alone, around 16.2 million adults deal with depression every year.


It may feel hopeless when you’re dealing with many days in a row where you just can’t imagine feeling happy. Our professionals know exactly how to help alleviate your individual symptoms using therapies that have been effective for other patients.


Since everyone deals with depression differently, our clinical team will work with you to find a depression treatment that works for you. With therapy options like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy, it’s our goal to help you explore the underlying causes of your symptoms to help you feel better and improve your daily life.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


CBT is one of the most used treatments for many psychological disorders, since it works by correcting both your thoughts and your actions. Your clinician will help you understand the thoughts and feelings that are influencing your behaviors, stopping the cycle of negative thoughts and actions.


This is because CBT is based on the idea that thoughts and feelings play a fundamental role in behavior. Your actions reflect your underlying thoughts, and we’ll work with you to understand those thoughts and explore the ideas which are causing your symptoms. When we begin CBT with you, we’ll work with you to help you understand your world in a more manageable way.


You may not be able to control everything, but you can control how you react to situations and deal with your environment. CBT works differently for different people, so we will work together to find a method that works for you. We aim to help you manage everything from depression to OCD to anxiety, panic attacks, and even bipolar disorder.


Bipolar Disorder Treatment


CBT is a popular option for many disorders due to the way it focuses on thoughts influencing actions, and is especially helpful for disorders like Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can appear in a variety of ways, shifting a person’s energy levels, mood, activities, and ability to do everyday tasks.


You may experience varying energy levels where you have “up” and “down” periods which can be disorienting and hard to control. Our psychotherapy treatments work to control the mood swings and other symptoms by providing you support, education, and guidance.


We would be happy to work with your family as well using family-focused therapy, and are able to teach both you and your family about your symptoms. Our personal approach will provide you more control over your symptoms rather than having your symptoms control you.


Mental Health Disorders


There are many different mental health disorders that people deal with every day. Anxiety and depression may be two of the most common types, but there are also other mood disorders like bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, and personality disorders such as dissociative identity disorder. OCD falls into the disorder category, too.


Anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with. Many people respond to objects or situations with dread, with symptoms such as sweating, rapid heartbeats, among others.


Depression feels constant as well, since it’s difficult to rid yourself of those persistent feelings of sadness or control your emotions effectively. Less common disorders, like schizophrenia, are difficult to handle and they often come with episodes of delusions or hallucinations.


Whether you have an impulse disorder, an eating disorder, or PTSD, it’s important to talk to someone to get the help you need. We specialize in eating disorders, so you can rest assured that we know how severe they can be and exactly how psychotherapy can be used to assist.


It’s our goal to bridge psychotherapy with wellness to reduce the effect these disorders have on your daily life. It’s difficult to deal with it all on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone. Talk to one of our professionals to get the help you need.


About Fairfield County


Fairfield County is located right in Connecticut, and as the most populous country in the state, we’ve talked to many people about their mental health problems. We see new patients all the time since Fairfield County is growing more and more every day with an increase of 3.6% in population growth in 2017.


As you deal with the mass transit system in the county and the traffic on Interstate 95 daily, life can become stressful. When it all feels like it’s too much, you know you can count on Sirona Therapy to help to manage your mental wellbeing.


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Give us a call if you’re dealing with any mental health disorder. Even if you feel like you’re managing it well, we’re committed to helping you manage more effectively by giving you the skills to live well in your daily life.


Fairfield County Psychotherapy at Sirona therapy which we know how to apply therapy methods to various mental disorders, helping you to live a more fruitful life and providing you more control over your symptoms with each passing day.