STEDI (Eating Disorders)


Proudly Providing Eating Disorder Services to

Clients in Westchester & Fairfield Counties

Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder are complex mental health problems that can interfere with a person’s functioning. Jennifer L. Zauner, LCSWR and her clinical team will assess, diagnose, and custom tailor effective treatment programs. STEDI is designed to restore the quality of life. This is accomplished through treatment programs that address thisĀ illness concurrently on the psychological, nutritional, and medical fronts. Ongoing psychotherapy will address the underlining core issues and allow the eating disorder sufferer to lead their life with peace. Jennifer recognized Eating Disorders as a significant mental health issue in 1996 and started her specialization. She has developed this program from her decades of research and treatment with eating disorder patients. Well above the average rate of success, Jennifer has proven to consistently relieve people of their symptoms allowing them to return to the lifestyle they desire. The comprehensive STEDI program will provide the path back to eating right, normal body image, learn natural hunger vs. Emotional hunger, learn correct new methods to minimize the negative destructive eating disorder voice, and put it in its place.