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Professional Background

My name is Jennifer L. Zauner and I’ve been a professional psychotherapist for nearly 30 years. During the last 18, my focus and specialization has been concentrated on treating Eating Disorders.


My journey into mental health and wellness began at the age of 13. I was lucky in that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I truly understand and embrace the connection between mind and body. Our mission at Sirona Therapy is to utilize all beneficial forms of Psychotherapy, and general health, to bring about optimal full holistic health in all my clients. We are part of the community, and are here exclusively to offer positivity and improvement.

I was very lucky at that young age to have recognized my strengths in listening and providing support. I parlayed my passion to heal others into a successful post-secondary education and professional career. I have had extensive training and supervision which helps me examine your entire situation and deliver solutions quickly.


Over the course of my professional career, I’ve adopted a more integrated philosophy to health and wellness. As a psychotherapist, there is a tremendous amount of good I can provide my clients and community through expert and custom tailored therapy. You can be confident that my team of practitioners are uniquely qualified to help you focus on long term health and happiness. Sirona Therapy is a comprehensive upscale healing space that takes a holistic psychotherapeutic approach to being and doing well. At Sirona Therapy, we’ve helped clients to overcome many debilitating challenges, including:


Eating Disorders

Trauma Sufferers
School Difficulties
Anxiety and Depression
Parenting/Marital issues


In my 30-years experience, individuals who seek psychotherapy treatment, particularly those that struggle with Eating Disorders, are very sensitive to their environment. This is why I felt it absolutely critical to implement sights, sounds, and textures that forge a peaceful and relaxed space in which to heal. After all, we are influenced, and gain inspiration from our surroundings. A walk through the lush countryside isn’t just an opportunity for fitness; it’s a transformative experience for the body, mind, and spirit. Do you agree?


Sirona Therapy is my sanctuary, and I sincerely wish the same for my clients. However, for those individuals who do not yet feel comfortable seeking treatment outside of their home or prefer not to drive, I happily offer home visits. As a trained psychotherapist, it is a special gift to have an opportunity to visit the homes of my clients. The therapist-client partnership takes on a new meaning when treatment occurs inside the individual’s own sanctuary, where familiar surroundings and family affords a unique perspective on clients’ treatment. It is with great pleasure that I visit with clients via old fashioned house calls as well as within the warmth and comfort Sirona Therapy provides.


Sirona Therapy is the culmination of my life’s work. A luxurious and harmonious psychotherapy and wellness space where your mind, body, and spirit may finally find restoration and balance in the utmost privacy and comfort.


Our Psychotherapy Treatment Goals


I am a consultant for life’s problems. I will be your guide and mentor. Experience deep and enhanced quality of life through improved self-esteem and self-love, which is the most important thing to a full satisfying life.


How important is it to you to improve the quality of your life?


How much would you invest in saving your child from a life-threatening eating disorder?


Sirona Therapy delivers results and uses effective treatment methods to get your life back on track.


Not taking managed care insurance allows me to take better care of myself so I can be fully present for my clients and give them 100% attention. Clients have added privacy and confidentiality while I provide high-quality service. My eating disorder specialization has required extensive training and experience. My clinical treatment is extremely effective with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and body dysmorphic disorder.


If you are looking for high-quality care and results, come to Sirona Therapy.


Our Space