Mount Kisco Psychotherapy Treatment

Proudly Providing Psychotherapy Treatment to

Clients in Westchester & Fairfield Counties

Sirona Therapy has a phenomenal clinical team, with a broad depth of experience and expertise. Jennifer L. Zauner, LCSWR is the Clinical Director of Sirona Therapy with extensive expertise in the successful treatment of eating disorders. She has nearly 30-years experience successfully treating adolescents and young adults. Joining Jennifer is Senior Associate Lisa Quigley, LCSWR to help lead the clinical team and vision. Lisa loves working with couples and adolescents. Our Senior Clinician Shannon Ramos, LMSW is a valued addition to the group. Shannon offers a great depth of caring and compassion to those who have suffered all types of trauma in their lives. Shannon is certified in CBT, DBT, and Minfulness Therapy. Together, these seasoned clinicians bring over 50 years of clinical treatment experience.

The team uses a combination of therapies and approaches to suit the client. All clinicians are well trained in CBT(cognitive behavior therapy), which is a blend of cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. This treatment is extremely goal oriented and solution focused. Psychodynamic Therapy is also extremely helpful with self knowledge and exploration, as well as negative symptom reduction. This therapy helps bring the unconscious conscious. All Sirona Therapy clinicians are well trained and experienced to improve mental health. Psychotherapy is scientifically, medically, and personally effective in changing how you think and feel. The benefits are real and tangible. Sessions typically take place 1-2 times per week. Individual, family, and group therapies are offered.

These three clinicians have over 50-years combined experience, guiding their clients to positive emotional health. The treatment approaches will help you feel better and improve relationships. No doubt the luxurious atmosphere at Sirona Therapy contributes to this mission, encouraging anyone who steps in the door to be in the moment and feel serene. Acceptance and self-respect are cornerstones of Sirona Therapy.

After working for nearly three-decades and caring for clients in numerous treatment settings, clients have, and will continue to trust New York state licensed psychotherapist Jennifer L. Zauner with their mental health. We invite anyone who is deeply desiring personal health and growth to seek treatment from this proven healer.

Jennifer L. Zauner: Boston University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Graduation 1986.
Fordham University Masters of Social Work Graduation 1990.
Advanced Training in Psychoanalysis.