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Failure To Launch

To everyone who finds themselves still living in their parent’s home, and their caring parents who want them to launch. To all you bright young hopefuls that want to ignite your future, but are having trouble figuring out how to do that. To those that yearn for a successful independent adult life, with a loving relationship and possibly a family, but instead are stuck in anxiety and fear. Don’t despair! We can help.

Get The Necessary Skills

There are real life reasons why progress can seem so challenging. We make sense of the difficulties. These are probably going through your head: How do I create a winning resume? How do I ace a job interview? How do I secure an apartment or buy a house? How do I get through the day taking the best care of myself with things like cooking and cleaning? How do I find and keep true love? How do I do this whole adulting thing? Light The Fuse will inspire, support and motivate you to examine your life and make the best choices for your future. Experience self realization and relief of stress, anxiety, and internal frustration. Experience peace and stability. You will examine the stories you tell yourself and others, and explore what’s holding you back.

You Do You With Confidence

You’ve reached that place of having to make your way in the world; where you have to be both independent and interdependent at the same time. How do you handle fear and obstacles? Do you have negative thinking patterns that need to be broken? Light The Fuse is the ideal program to explore who you are now, and learn how to break through the limitations of holding back and playing it safe. With the help of Sirona Therapy clinicians you will gain independence, responsibility and accountability. Our therapists will encourage you in taking actions to achieve your goals. Are your goals reasonable and attainable? Our program provides support and guidance in figuring out realistic, beneficial, and attainable goals. An important part of adult life is learning how to take care of yourself. By the time you leave home to live on your own, you need to possess a basic set of life skills. This includes the ability to take care of your own eating, sleeping, health, finances, shopping, and laundry. Light The Fuse will help you manage stress and keep your thoughts and emotions at healthy levels. Become confident by recognizing the causes and signs of stress, and learn coping skills to keep it under control. Gain focus to work through to the joys of adulthood (money, relationships, career, health, education, etc).

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