Therapy Groups & Workshops At Sirona Therapy

We are passionate about all treatment methods to help our clients. Group therapy has long proven to be extremely helpful, efficient, and cost effective. Participants develop better communication skills by learning to listen to, and respond to different perspectives from other members. This treatment approach is particularly useful in gaining insight and self-awareness through hearing the other members talk about their problems and issues. It opens up your world, and takes you out of being just in your own head. Group Therapy allows individuals to come together to connect, feel part of a safe and supportive community, and ultimately hold each other accountable. Compassion and helping each other develops organically when group members realize they are not alone in their struggles.

Therapy Workshops are a more informal and excellent interactive way to impart skills and techniques. They focus on the development of everyday skills. Sirona Therapy intensive workshops can help you quickly deal better with common life issues.

Currently Scheduled Groups and Workshops

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