Our Group Is Equipped To Provide Counseling Services

Through Live Video and Telephone Sessions For

Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, & More

TeleTherapy – Who Benefits?

Our TeleTherapy service allows us to serve new and existing clients in this time of social distancing and quarantine. We can also provide needed expert therapy to any New York State residents who live too far away from our Westchester County, NY offices. Anyone in the Empire State can now benefit from access to the exceptional therapists at Sirona Therapy.


TeleTherapy – What Are The Benefits?

TeleTherapy is a convenient form of support for people with stressful life issues. It is a proven method of effective therapy and counseling. TeleTherapy offers our clients the ability to start or continue their growth and healing, It provides the benefits of privacy and flexibility in choosing your own location. It may also offer greater scheduling convenience. For those unable or unwilling to visit our soothing office environment, you now have an alternative way to be helped by our expert compassionate clinicians.


Sirona Therapy TeleTherapy provides excellent guidance and relief from emotional distress. However, this service is not sufficient in treating those clients who suffer from severe psychological disorders. If you, or someone close to you requires immediate assistance, because of potential to harm themselves or others, please call 9-1-1. Psychiatric hospitals and in-patient facilities are available 24 hours a day.


How To Get On Board

Sirona Therapy offers the options of video sessions through Zoom®, Skype®, or any other public video conferencing technology you’re currently using. These video conferencing applications use 256 bit government grade encryption to ensure you’re privacy is protected from any type of digital eavesdropping. Sirona Therapy gladly offers free technical support to get you going with these digital conferencing technologies.

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Please Contact Us and learn how you can get started with Sirona Therapy TeleTherapy