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what are eating disorders

Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder are a combination of complex mental health problems, and emotional avoidance issues, that can interfere with a persons’ functioning. They are life disrupting and life threatening diseases that do not resolve themselves without professional help. Eating disorders are caused by an interplay of biological, psychological, behavioral and social dynamics. Anybody can develop an eating disorder. It affects individuals of all body types and sizes. Diet culture often contributes to the development of this disease through unrealistic body image goals.

sirona therapy’s focus

To assess, diagnose, and custom tailor effective treatments through our STEDI program. To teach critical skills that minimize the negative destructive Eating Disorder Voice, and keep it in its place. Our assessment of eating disorders is through asking what our clients want, and then hearing what the eating disorder wants. We adopt the highest standards of evidenced based treatment approaches, integrating a variety of modalities. These include CBT, DBT, CBT-E, FBT, ACT, and ERP (LINK to descriptions). Through staying close to a psychodynamic approach, we get to the root of things.


Jennifer recognized eating disorders as a significant mental health issue in 1996 and started her specialization. Realizing the epidemic scope of the problem, Jennifer has made it her mission to increase awareness of eating disorders as a mental health crisis. Through decades of research, supervision, and extensive experience providing therapy, the STEDI program was developed to specifically help victims of eating disorders.

stedi (Silence The Eating Disorder Inside)

Jennifer developed STEDI as her exclusive eating disorder treatment protocol. All clinicians at Sirona Therapy have in-depth experience using this protocol to heal a large and diverse group of clients suffering with this dangerous illness. The program’s exceptional success rate provides hope for a return to the lifestyle they desire. STEDI is designed to restore quality of life, improve body image, and learn natural versus emotional hunger. This is accomplished through treatment programs that address this illness concurrently on the psychological, nutritional, and medical fronts. Ongoing therapy will address the underlying core issues, and guide the Eating Disorder sufferer back to a life of peace and dignity. Many of our clients share that after successful treatment, they enjoy the following: Improved relationships, increased self-compassion, and overall liking themselves and life much better.

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