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Anxiety Can Feel Like A Steamroller

Anxiety And Technology

I scream, you scream, we all scream from anxiety. At least that’s what we’d like to do, except for not wanting to freak out everybody around us. What makes you feel anxious? Some may say everything. Our modern lives, full of technological advancements, have given us many things we consider wonderful; big televisions, thrilling entertainment, smart devices, instant gratification. But, along with these advances we have also accelerated the pace of our lives. Science says that every action has an equal and opposing reaction. While caught up in these wonders, we aren’t considering the possible downsides. A 2016 University of Illinois study by Alejandro Lleras links mobile device addiction to anxiety and depression. People who self-described as having really addictive-style behaviors toward the Internet and cellphones scored much higher on depression and anxiety scales”, Lleras said. Lleras went on to state that people who use it for boredom relief did not experience more anxious feelings, and actually experienced less stress if allowed to go to their phones during a troubling event. This relief, however, was short lived, indicating the devices are more of a security blanket than an actual helpful coping mechanism.

Anxiety And Modern Life

Anxiety comes from many other sources. For adolescents there is more pressure these days to compete for academic clubs, sports, and placement in higher education. For adults there is dealing with a turbulent world, a seismic shift in global politics, and economic uncertainty. In other words, stress and anxiety is everywhere. I know, this isn’t exactly helping you to feel less anxious. The good news is that the world has always been a stressful place. Change is inevitable in nature, and change can cause anxiety. People have survived wars and recessions, and periods of great change. They did this by adapting. It’s a wonderful and powerful ability all humans possess. We can learn ways to adapt and change and come out on top during trying times. This not only extinguishes anxiety, it also makes you stronger. The goal at Sirona Therapy is to help you find this strength that you already have in you. My years of experience, combined with empathy driven intuition, ensures personalized customized help in developing the coping skills that will work for you. Our mission is to empower our clients with real and useful methods of dealing with and conquering anxiety. Not just in the moment, but for the long term. Come to Sirona Therapy and discover a beautiful tranquil center staffed with expert compassionate therapists that will work hand in hand to help you find balance and happiness.

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